Gas Prices Too High – Have A Staycation

With gas $4.09 here in our small town we will most likely not go anywhere on husband’s vacation. Which, gas will probably even more at that time anyway. So we are trying to come up with some Staycation ideas. These ideas are some that we have come up for ourselves to do this summer. You can come up with your own on things that you know your town has to offer.

Go “Camping” in your backyard. Set up the tent and have fun. Little kids really like this.

Go to a local pond and feed the ducks. Fish if you can. We have a local pond that is about 3 miles from our house and you can also fish there.

Take kids to the park – our park is within walking distance, so that could be something that we could do and the ice cream truck will be driving by there too soon.

Find out what the library will be doing for the kids this summer. Ours has reading programs for prizes and in the summer they have a movie night every Friday night after they close. Pretty fun and free.

There is a local Church in our town that also has movie nights in the summer. They always show great kid’s movies. and it is free.

Take kids to the local farmer’s market. Let them pick out the veggies they want to munch on.

County fairs are always fun. Check to see if there are any local flea markets too.

Go to a local pool.

Go play basketball or tennis at the local park.

Teach your kids how to sew, bake, cook, wood working, and more.

Have a family board game night.

Have a video game night. We love playing Wii bowling and that is something that the whole family loves to do.

This summer we are wanting to take one day and go to the local Apple Orchard. It is about 10 miles round trip from us, so not too bad. They have strawberry picking, hay rides, petting zoo, a park for the kids, and a restaurant.

Have a yard sale.

Fly a kite. Our house is on a hill and always seems windy enough to fly a kite. Maybe let little one make his own kite and then fly it.

You get the idea. When you start thinking of local things to do for a family staycation you will be surprised at how many things you can up with. Save money and stay close to home.

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